Robert Verdicchio, PhD

Dr.Bob is an industrial scientist and formulator with more than fifty years experience in the chemical specialties area with a specialization in Health  Care and Beauty Aids. He founded Verdi Enterprises in 1996 after his forty year tenure in the industry where he developed a myriad of consumer products designed for personal care. He holds numerous patents and publications and has an extensive knowledge of patent law, technology analysis/assessment and is well versed in Hair and Skin Physiology as they apply to Cosmetic Science and their application to formulation and Development of personal care products. He is an Emeritus member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and holds degrees in Chemistry and Metaphysical Science.


Yarka Kepic

Yarka was born in 1974 in Czech Republic. Her love for chemistry resulted in moving to Prague to study it. She did her graduate work at Prague University of Chemical Technology, receiving her MS in 1997 (Chemistry and Analysis of Food). She relocated to the USA in 1998 and worked for eight years in the organic department of Hampton & Clarke/Veritech on environmental testing. She joined Verdi Enterprises Inc. in 2010 as a formulation chemist.


Gary Machlica

Gary has over 25 years of business experience in Chemistry, Marketing, and Business Development, and has worked with Verdi Enterprises on many successful product formulations for skin care, hair care, and oral care. In addition to formulation, Gary manages client relationships and coordinates the scale-up of products with production and manufacturing vendors.